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In normal circumstances, millions of people across the globe attend converts and festivals throughout the year. However, during these unprecedented times of lockdown the live event market has been forced to adapt – it has been providing virtual events as a safe alternative and attendance numbers have been maintained at their normal levels. This market shift within the digital event landscape has opened up a wealth of new opportunities and it is the brands that are able to adapt to the market that are thriving.
Audiences are glued to their screens when provided with engaging and enticing events. Promotional campaigns are also playing their role in keeping audiences numbers up. This case study includes how we designed a successful promotional campaign for the East End Spice Festival that was instrumental in promoting the brand to new audiences. By targeting relevant audiences we hooked new attendees and boosted event sign ups that later translated, through conversions, into a high ROI for the brand.



East End Foods, founded in 1972, has grown to be one of the largest importers, sellers and distributors of Asian foods in the United Kingdom and has a yearly turnover in excess of £180m. The vast majority of their business has historically been from the UK’s large South Asian community. The aim of holding the Spice Festival was to encourage audiences (both new and old) to visit their factory see the production procedures in place. Doing so shows them why East End’s products have the reputation of being of the finest quality. The event was designed to offer attendees culinary treats and entertainment with live music performances, live chef cooking, food sampling and many other activities that ensured high engagement levels. Our task was to design a campaign that met the brand’s objectives and resulted in tangible and intangible success.



To increase the trust of consumers in the brand the event’s main objective increase their interactions with the brand. We designed a promotional campaign, employing effective strategies and techniques via adverts for increasing event registrations and awareness through reliable tactics. Each campaign is designed to push social contact and grasp the attention of existing and non-existing customers, to build sustainable rapport that result in consumer trust and later in passive sales. For this purpose we established empowering connection with audiences through value packed content and by giving sneak a peak of the event that creates a buzz in the town.



To attract a diverse consumer base from all around the UK, we needed to understand all of them to their core. Crafting campaigns and communication tactics that connect with consumer, customers and prospects in meaningful way, was possible by critically conducting market analysis. We measured the interest levels that trigger potential buyers. On the basis of these measures and indicators, we designed a pragmatic and purposeful communication strategy that creates lasting impacts.



By conducting background research, observing human interactions and analyzing literary techniques we developed a keen understanding of consumers of all backgrounds and saw how these relate to the food industry. From practice related research to consumer neurological research, we have keenly evaluated all segments of the consumer base.
We further evaluated which communication styles suit each identifiable section of the consumer base; these empirical approaches help us to dig deep into the factors that help us to promote events. The main objective was underpinning the success by campaign creation and execution.
Data mining and analytics also played a significant part in understanding the context and driving forces behind those behaviors, helping us in designing a successful campaign



The campaign scope was to measure how to achieve maximum productivity and value for the brand, while maintaining budget constraints. This helped us to:

  • Generate maximum no. of registrations
  • Increase the ratio of active community members
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Increase new customer acquired ratio
  • Build awareness among market and affinity customers
  • Create onsumer demand
  • Expand the market scope
  • Entice existing and non-existing audiences
  • Achieve a sustainable business positioning
  • Influence socio psychological factors\
  • Brand build




We designed the event’s promotional campaign to effectively reach out to relevant, influential and diverse target audiences. This was carried out with the help of market insights, research and deep-rooted consumer awareness. By understanding the personalities and interests of people, we came up with a strategy that had synergy with audiences; it delivered impactful results by targeting the most affluent families in key cities.
We aimed to fulfil many objectives such as to increase company awareness, improve company image and demonstrate its community responsibility, all within budget constraints. We wanted to capture authentic content that compliments life and the credibility of the brand. For this purpose, we crafted a campaign that resulted in maximum leads and conversions. A communication strategy that develops correlation between the depth of an event and the trigger points of consumers is a must.



By understanding deep insights, consumer and stake holder’s neurology and market dynamics, we planned milestones for the brand that turned in to a road map for event success. Each advert was aimed to touch and trigger consumer interests and desires, making them want to be the part of event. Establishing strong connections with the brand was the result of an action driven creative strategy that persuaded and generated intent among leads.



We aimed to develop a brand voice that connects with audiences at a deep level. The focus of East End is its customer centric brand facilitates: to provide for customers in the best possible manner. We carefully created a brand tone that is sincere, inspiring and fun, to reflect the brand’s identity. A strong brand voice helps to establish a distinctive positioning among competitors. These tones remain constant in all campaigns which helps to establish a constant impression and increased consumer trust. In this campaign especially, fun and excitement were used in the brand tone to engage with dynamic audiences. This create a buzz effect that results in event success.



While exploring the brief for the campaign along with brand team, certain facts were focused upon; those considered as the event’s USPs, which created the theme for the script and concept.
Various activities such as live cooking, meet and greets with top chefs, live artists and DJs ensured the entertainment kept going all day. There was also food sampling and a factory tour. In each campaign, from the storyboarding stage to execution, these elements remained as the focal points. We visualised the event before it actually happened to create the sensation and adrenaline that trigger the excitement in viewers from diverse backgrounds. Through colors, visual effects and music or CGI and animation, our team took to on the challenge to create the most compelling campaign.



As of certain budgetary constraints, the TV campaign idea was designed to be made in 3D/2D animation. We pushed the boundaries to establish creative impulses and immersive experiences. Strong visuals bring inspiration and release fresh enthusiasm for the next step of the journey, and sounds, lights and graphics evoke feelings and achieve results.



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Please Message Us On the Following Whatsapp Number We Will Contact You Soon

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