The butter ghee market is forecasted to grow by approximately 15% over the next five years. Butter ghee is an integral part of south Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines and in recent years, influencers along with inbound and out bound marketing have played a great role in encouraging the UK’s growing passion for experimenting with food. This has led to an increased demand for butter and ghee, which is expected to continue to grow. Dynamic and rich marketing content from producers of butter ghee reflects this cultural shift that is promoting food experimentation. The health benefits of butter ghee and its usage in multiple medicines such as Ayurveda is fast becoming an essential cause for consideration.
After identifying consumer touch points that cause a sensation for experimentation, we designed consumer indulging campaigns which communicate the essence of butter ghee in a truly dynamic and versatile manner.
Diversity among consumers in terms of preferences and régimes, age, generations and culture were all factors taken into consideration when we employed concreate methodologies to establish result driven connections with audiences. In this case study we have covered all points that converted butter ghee into to a success story.



East End Foods, founded in 1972, has grown to be one of the largest importers, sellers and distributors of Asian foods in the United Kingdom and has a yearly turnover in excess of £180m. The vast majority of their business has historically been from the UK’s large South Asian community, but when we began working with their marketing team the aim was to develop a new communications strategy and to reposition their corporate image so as to attract consumers from other backgrounds, thus increasing their revenue and market share. However, they also wanted to retain the strong reputation they had built over the decades as being the best suppliers of pure and authentic Asian foods and ingredients, which has traditionally appealed to families missing food from ‘back home’.



Our aims were to explore market avenues, establish the positioning of the brand among its core target audience and increase the market positioning throughout the funnel of marketing. We aimed to design content that achieves both the short and long-term objectives of the brand.
With the help of technology and intuition we came up with content solutions that trigger responses and build a strong brand positioning.



With the help of research that critically evaluates the dynamics and variances of consumer life cycles, we understand accurately all the opportunities in a market. This bootstrapping helps us to create methodologies that actually work as per the product’s situation and the brand’s objectives. Market analysis and consumer dynamics help us to understand the right approach that leads to a successful campaign in a highly competitive market.



Research helps us understand the basic area of interest of the butter ghee niche; all factors related to behavior and economics, based on neuro data helps us to understand real consumer interactions. Data mining and analytics also played a significant part in understanding the context and driving forces behind those behaviors.
These approaches help us to develop a capacity map to design empirical approaches that help us to craft strategies that indulge consumer base points – this results in objective achievement.



The campaign scope was to measure how to achieve maximum productivity and value for the brand, while maintaining budget constraints. This helped us to:

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Build awareness among market and affinity customers
  • Create Consumer demand
  • Expand the market scope
  • Entice existing and non-existing audiences
  • Achieve a sustainable business positioning
  • Influence socio psychological factors
  • Build brand



For butter ghee, our aim was to establish a distinctive brand positioning, with the help of consumer insights and market understandings. We came up with campaign that reflects revenue streams for the butter ghee market -we wanted to expand its brand positioning by broadening the horizon of the brand scope through creative conceptualization and campaign crafting. We are proud to report that the campaign delivered the goals, resulting in an established connection with the customers.



The biggest challenge was to establish a universal appeal that entices consumers from diverse background; to indulge them and establish the essence of relativity. Our aim was to make this product part of diverse cuisines by reflecting its soul and heritage. Consumer research and statistics helped us to achieve these objectives by crafting bespoke strategies that are proven to connect with consumer touch points.



We examined the value of building that in-person connection with target audiences, without using any human character, elements, colors, crafts and aromas. These are designed in a manner that reflects the personification of butter ghee. We helped butter ghee to establish a distinctive and dynamic positioning in a cluttered and diverse market.



We aimed to develop a brand voice that connects with audiences at a deep level. The focus of East End is its customer centric brand facilitates: to provide for customers in the best possible manner. We carefully created a brand tone that is sincere, intellectual and inspiring, to reflect the brand’s identity. A strong brand voice helps to establish a distinctive positioning among competitors. These tones remain constant in all campaigns which helps to establish a constant impression and increased consumer trust.



At the concept generation stage we created a prototype on the basis of the initial brief that aimed to highlight the brands’ USPs; its heritage and quality assurance. From script to story boarding, we drew prototypes from this research to meet the brand’s requirements. As aroma and purity seem to be fundamental for butter ghee, we highlighted these aspects through flavorful visualization, craft and execution to come up with advert that creates the narrative in both the short and long run.



To develop, evolve and accelerate Butter ghee, while keeping an eye on the budget, we opted for 2d and 3d animation. With the help of market insights and specialisms we designed an engaging advert through visual magic. We switched the campaign strategy to build on the momentum of the immense richness and aroma. We further expanded this approach to meet challenges by opting for a customer centric approach in each visual. Our team of CGI artists and producers turned butter ghee in to an experience that is technically rich and highly memorable.