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We are offering services on a broad span and this network of services is increasing habitually. We always strive hard to keep ourselves one step ahead of the trends making sure to use every single tool to create recognition among our customers minds.

Our aim is to introduce our clients to the world of media where brand research, media planning and buying, TVC production, Digital world website, Artwork, Graphics and animation etc. all carries utmost importance. Our objective is not just to fulfil your requirements but to prioritise your value and give you a service which excels and outshines beyond perfection.

Digital Media

Whether you are planning to refresh your corporate identity or advertise your new brand through digital media or want to update your website, email or online campaign, contact us now and let us develop the best solutions for your budget and timescales. We are committed to provide high quality web design services and cutting-edge solutions for any project. We approach each web design in an individual way and strive to provide the best services for each client. No matter how complex your project can be, our experienced website designers will be able to provide you with a solution online. Let us show you how to use digital media to keep in contact with your customers, cheaper and faster than ever before.

Web Development

It is a very broad term and therefore a vast set of operations are involved in the procedure of web development. We have a specialized team that specifically works on this process. No matter how complex the task is we make sure that our clients are getting what they need.
We use latest applications such as Web 2.0, CSS, PHP, HTML 5 and many others for the web development. With the help of expertise of our team we always focus on keeping the website lively, vivacious and vibrant in context of art and design.

Web Designing

We believe that every page of a website is just like a title page of a book which creates an impression. With this approach our specialists make sure to keep the website design rich and interactive. It allows the website with the help of professional web designing to leave a mark of recognition on users mind. We majored the process of web designing and it doesn’t matter if it requires flash animation, Photoshop or CSS to create an interactive web design.

Mobile Application Development

We have developed many mobile applications according to the requirements of our clients. Our mobile application development department covers all kinds of applications on different platforms such as Windows, Android and IPhone. The apps are developed according to the need and requirement of our clients as recently we have developed some apps like store locator, contact etc. The apps developed are both for mobile phones and tabs. We also develop scenario based apps that connect your Facebook, Twitter or Email address to your mobile or tabwhich helps you engage yourself with social networking or checking your various accounts emails on a single app without a problem.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically designed to attract the targeted audience from different geographical locations. We have a team of professional SEO’s who will take you to the advanced level. Their experience in implementing the complex framework of keywords will take your website to the higher rank which will result in humungous traffic on your website. With the help of SEO the search engine will rank your website at the top consequently helping you in achieving the desired outputs.

Online Advertising

Online advertising allows your brand to reach to your target audience. We will help put your brand on the front page. From Google, Yahoo and Bing to Geo, Dawn and Jang; local or international, from display network advertising to social media marketing, we assess your needs and provide you with customized solutions. We provide complete solution for internet marketing in Pakistan and around the world. Additionally we recommend our clients to use PPC (Pay per Click advertising) mode of advertising. You are charged for every click towards your website. Creatively designed and carefully placed banner ads in relevant content websites act as a high traffic driver to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is unique in the sense that it provides a platform for companies and their brands to directly interact with their customers and fans. Social Media is a platform for you to interact with your consumers and ‘discuss’ & ‘share’. Our customized plans have helped dozens of brands in achieving great results with social media marketing in Pakistan and around the globe. Internet marketing has drastically evolved as most effective tool to reach out your target audience. Join us to know how to effectively use this great tool. Emergence of Social Media have reshaped the brand’s interaction with the consumer. It has become inevitable to exploit social media for business growth and optimum results

Print Media

We believe that no medium is obsolete to interact with the audience. Print media has always been an effective source to reach people and we understand its importance. We have a team meticulously indulged in conducting and performing all the activities related to print media by understanding the concerns and requirements of your business. We can design any kind of ad by making sure that it will portray the ambience of it. We always try to give the maximum by covering all the aspects of print media such as press passing, print advertisement, Business cards, letter heads, flyers, brochures, packaging, copywriting and many other services are also accompanied by these.

Electronic Media

Electronic media has also become the focal point for the purpose of advertisement because the number of viewers is increasing on it by the passage of every single second. We always try to give the most innovative and creative ideas to our clients because this will help in making an advertisement not only interesting but will also result in fruitful outcomes. We are dealing with both TV media and radio media production. Our goal is to help you reaching your milestone.

Media Planning and Buying

Time & Space Media is an independent media planning and buying agency with the capacity to provide brand awareness, lead generation, launch strategies and customer acquisition. Our media specialists know what it takes to build a winning media strategy. Whether you need traditional advertising, television media buying, radio or any other type of media, Time & Space Media offers you years of experience. Our long track record of success is what makes Time & Space Media a top ranked media buying agency.

Our job is not only about buying media services differently, it’s about doing things better. Making your media work harder for you is what makes us one of the top media agencies. That’s what it’s all about. Our success only comes from our client’s success. As an independent media agency, Time & Space Media has access to a range of advertising mediums at highly competitive rates. From television and radio to press, from outdoor media to ambient and the evolving world of online, our mission is to deliver the best possible results for our clients advertising campaign and to deliver cost effective and affordable media.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is the essence of websites because it gives a very interactive and self-understanding feel. We ensure you that the art and graphics will be designed in a manner which will not just be transparent but will also be considered as a self-explanatory design.

Brand Artwork

With the help of versatile and creative designers we ensure you the most innovative and creative artwork for your brand. We believe that a brand also creates its recognition with the artwork. We have a highly qualified team that has done thorough research and will suggest your brand artwork according to the marketing needs that cannot only help you in creating recognition but also suffice the extent of dominance.

Research Analytics

We have a team of research analysts that are indulged in monitoring the trends of the market. We are capable enough to tell you the pros and cons of your product on the basis of our market research. On the basis of the knowledge of our conducted surveys our team will propose you the best strategy that would be advantageous for your product.

Creative Production

The company has established associations with many distinguished clients. All this has been attained by the steady hard work, proficiency and practice of our team that has permitted us to provide a level of high quality results to our clients.


We have distinctive and innovative ideas about creating a world of animation. The realistic animation always creates an impression of ‘wow’ in one’s mind. We have always heavily focused on the ‘wow’ factor and our work history in animation speaks for itself.


Marketing is the key of a business. We have always been up to date with the marketing strategies because the more effective it is…the better the results. Our team is available to help you in understanding the current market situation and would also help you in placing your product in market in a very distinctive and efficient manner.

Services Overview

We are your introducers to the media world, so be it brand research, media planning and buying, TVC production, digital world, website designing, art, graphics and animation,we will focus on your brand needs and bring you something that will open your eyes to the latest revolving world of media.

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